Cover Reveal: In the Company of Killers, 5 “The Black Wolfe” by J. A. Redmerski​

Holy Crap!!! The Cover of In the Company of Killers 5 “The Black Wolf” by the amazingly talented J. A. Redmerski​ (who is still on her hiatus, woman, come back soon, pretty please) has been revealed!!! This is by far my all time favourite romantic suspense!

J.A. Redmerski Blog post

Look how pretty!!! This is going to be an epic story. Ms Redmerski never disappoints!


James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser FANS – CHECK THIS OUT

There is no one as obsessed with Jamie Fraser as I am!! NO ONE! I will fight anyone to death who claims otherwise, lass.

So, Jamie Fraser fans, pay attention. Look what I found while browsing through Amazon….

A great summer read titled Finding Fraser.

Did I one-click it? Hell yeah, I did!!


Lassies, next Saturday….Wentworth Prison in Outlander!!!

The most disturbing scene ever on TV will be in Outlander. O.M.G I’m dreading this, but I also cannot wait! Episode 15 of the best new show in television will be epic, me thinks!!! Next Saturday, are you ready? They say the scene is nothing like the book. Aye, the anticipation is KILLING me!!!

And I agree, this show deserves a shitload of Emmy nominations!!!!


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Waves to all the new followers!

A big welcome to all the new followers on my website. I’ve reached 6700 followers!

And hello to all the new page-likers on Facebook. I’ve reached 6300 likes.

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So, have you guys met my Mafia men from the Chicago Syndicate series? To get a glimpse, here’s the book trailer.

This is the official book trailer of For Fallon and For Luca.

And this is an alternative book trailer with Matt Bomer, who I have a major crush on, as Luca (the anti-hero in For Fallon and For Luca).

Watching Outlander episode 14


Aye, Jenny is even more kick-ass than Claire! I love her! Now find Jamie before I die of a heart attack (even though I know what’s going to happen, I’m still biting my nails continually).

And did my fellow Outlander-fans see all the merchandise we can now get? Dinna fash, here’s the link:

I’m getting the book beads, earrings, bag, and mug!! I am kind of OBSASSENACHED!

I adore these two. Look how pretty and down to earth they are!