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by Naomi is graphic design by author Soraya Naomi. Naomi specializes in book covers and literary promotional items. by Naomi offers custom designs that complement your book and genre.


  • Book covers
  • Promotional Items (custom teasers, countdowns, (series) banners)
Do you have a project you want to discuss? Message me what you need and we can chat!


Prices vary depending on the scope of each project.

  • Custom-made Paperback & eBook cover (3d image included) $500
  • Banner (social media) $150
  • Teaser $150
  • Countdowns $150 for 5 countdown graphics and “now live” graphic

*I can use image(s) provided by the Author. All graphics provided by the Author MUST show proof of purchase before image will be used.


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How long does it take?

It varies per project. Book covers can take up to a week, depending on the design. Promotional items can be made within days, if needed urgently. However, I do schedule in advance so please book early.

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