Sam Heughan​ aka James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser

Oh dear gawd, YES! Sam Heughan​ aka James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser……need I say more??? I died…just dead from his sheer *cough* awesomeness!!! This is one of the best actors on television at the moment. And he’s definitely not bad to look at……;-)


Now LIVE: Irrevocable by Shay Savage – my review



I was one of the lucky people who got to read an ARC. I’m a huge fan of Mafia stories and especially the male point of view. Shay Savage always writes a well-done male point of view. Evan is unique in the way that she developed his ferocious and tormented mind. Like with the other installments, this book took me completely by surprise – and this is a good thing. Not many authors can surprise me with a good plot twist or a story line that takes a direction no one ever saw coming. But this author can. However, that also left me completely torn by this book, and for me, it takes a special kind of author to make me feel this deeply about a character.

Irrevocable is the last book in the Evan Arden series, and while this story has never really been a romance, I did feel invested in Lia and Evan, so I was slightly disappointed at first. But, the exceptional writing and the way Shay sucks you into Evan’s depraved mind – yet again – overpowers any reluctancy I felt toward the chosen story line. The romance elements are secondary to the fast-paced action story. This series is violence and suspense at its best.

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Irrevocable: done, review to come tomorrow

Irrevocable by the talented Shay Savage will release tomorrow. No one writes a male point of view like this author! The last novel of my favourite hitman, Evan Arden! It’s the end of an epic journey….I’ve had the privilege to read an ARC, and I’m telling you, you will not be disappointed. Review to come tomorrow.

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Outlander Season Finale Promo…

The Season Finale of the best show on television today airs this Saturday. I’m ready for To Ransom A Man’s Soul.

I just want it to be Saturday already. However, it will be bittersweet because who knows how long we’ll have to wait until season 2! Thankfully, I have the books. I’m reading Voyager, book 3, at the moment. And Claire and Jamie’s love affair becomes even more epic with each installment of this brilliant series. Diana Gabaldon is a creative genius!