For Fallon and For Luca: get your copy

For Fallon and For Luca have been reedited. Nothing changed storywise. Get your copy of For Fallon and For Luca, a romantic suspense/contemporary romance.

 Fanart36_ForFallon_by_SorayaNaomi   11616469

Editorial reviews on Amazon

Amazing outstanding read..look forward to reading the book 2
The writer keeps you on the edge of your seat with this fast pace romance thriller. I recommend you going to get your copy from a new author who in my book will go far –PagebyPageInside-Out
Love this Mafia book!
Their sexual tension was off the charts and oh so steamy. Those naughty scenes will definitely get you. Everything that is addressed is very crucial to the storyline and where it is eventually going – ShanoffReads

Sons of Anarchy: Bratva – a SOA book (set after the fourth season)

Did all my fellow SOA fans see this….

Sons of Anarchy: Bratva


Synopsis: With half of the club recently released from Stockton State Penitentiary,
and the Galindo drug cartel bringing down heat at every turn, the MC
already has its hands full. Yet Jax Teller the V.P. of SAMCRO has
another problem to deal with. He just learned that his Irish half-sister
Trinity has been in the U.S. for months entangled with Russian BRATVA
gangsters. Now that she’s abruptly gone missing, he’s sure the brewing
mafia war is connected to her disappearance. Jax heads to Nevada with
Chibs and Opie to search for her and seek revenge. Trinity may be
half-Irish, but she’s also half-Teller and where Tellers go, trouble