Dark Romance Holiday Giveaway

Because some of us like it in the dark.

USA Today and Amazon Bestselling authors Cora Kenborn, Keri Lake, Ashleigh Zavarelli, Natasha Knight, Soraya Naomi, and N.M. Catalano have come together to bring you the holiday giveaway you’ve been waiting for. 
The lucky winner receives: a signed paperback from each author, amazing swag, and a $60 Amazon gift card, because no one deserves it like you do.
Go to this link to enter >> http://bit.ly/2EfjU6K

Join each of their groups to get more of the things you love. And happy holidays from all of us to you.

Cora Kenborn: http://bit.ly/2KOcHv1
Keri Lake: http://bit.ly/2KLoY34
Ashleigh Zavarelli: http://bit.ly/2Snd81J
Natasha Knight: http://bit.ly/2Skf9f4
Soraya Naomi: http://bit.ly/ChicagoSyndicate
N.M. Nadine Catalano: http://bit.ly/2E8IRAM


SCAVENGER HUNT: December 7-10


Does the Christmas season already have you in a rush? Ditch your lengthy “To Do” list for now play this fun and easy hunt! You could be the winner of our $90 See’s Candies Holiday Gift Pack or win an Amazon gift card!

With 36 authors participating—many hosting individual giveaways of their own—our holiday tree is surrounded with prizes for some lucky booklovers to unwrap!

 Authors Participating in the Hunt

Alex Gordon • Amanda Uhl • Ani Gonzalez • Anna Durand • Anne McClane • Anne Stone • Aubrey Wynne • Cailin Briste • Carrie Pulkinen • Christine Grabowski • CJ Warrant • Debbie White • Donna R. Mercer • Greta Boris • Heather Karn • Holly Cortelyou • Jacqueline Diamond • Jacquie Biggar • Jim Stein • Joanne Fisher • Karen Michelle Nutt • Kerry Adrienne • Kerry Blaisdell • Kristine Smith • Leigh LaValle • Maria Geraci • Monique McDonell • PE Kavanagh • Peggy Jaeger • PG Forte • S.L. Sterling • Soraya Naomi • Stella Marie Alden • Stephanie Queen • Taylor Marsh • Aileen Harkwood