For Cesare (Syndicate, 0.5)


Publication:  Second edition released on September 2017. First edition published in 2016 in Men of Mayhem Anthology. 
Genre: Romantic Suspense (standalone novella)

He’s wealthy and ruthless.
She’s poor and alone.

Cesare is the underboss of the notorious Italian mafia, the New York Syndicate.
Kinsey is his best friend from childhood, and the one woman he has never forgotten.

Life has pulled them apart, yet an impending mafia war is pushing them back together.
But maybe it’s too late for a second chance once Cesare discovers Kinsey’s current secret?

This novella is an introduction into the anarchic Syndicate world. For full-length illicit and forbidden love stories, read the Chicago Syndicate series by Soraya Naomi.

Novel Grounds Semi Annual Literary Awards 2014 winner of Best Breakout Novel For Fallon (Chicago Syndicate, #1).

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