Outlander Episode 11 has me crying at the end!

Episode 11 of Outlander: You bitch Claire, you almost gave me a heart attack!!! Yay!!! Happy tears, happy dance!!! Now, it’s time she takes off that other ring; that has annoyed me beyond reason!!

Okay, someone tell me what book is episode 11? I’m going to continue reading because I cannot wait every week for a new episode! So, I need to know what book do I read before they arrive at Lallybroch? I know I have one more episode, but then I’m all caught up…;-(


OH MY GOD Jamie, I always said I have different book boyfriends, but Jamie Fraser is by far my #1 now, forever and always!
OH MY GOD Geilles (I never saw this coming!!!)

Author: Soraya Naomi

International Best-selling Romance Author

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