Teaser Black Hat Hacker

Meet Henry Pierce; the Chicago Syndicate’s Black Hat Hacker…
Unedited Teaser (subject to change)
“You thought wrong,” I throw back, and she looks dumbfounded at my unexpected rudeness.
I’m not interested in this girl that I slept with one time weeks ago, and the way she’s following me around is tiresome. Most women I meet are straightforward, making it known they’re in for a quick fuck.
This one gawks at me without shame and only seems to be interested in my exterior, like all of them. No one really wants to know the man beneath the façade. This is how people are. And I play that game as well.
I’m a hacker and prefer systems over people; therefore, any woman who’s with me needs to understand the rules of a one-night stand. Not that I’m lonely; my bed has never been lonely. However, one night of empty sex after the next is becoming less satisfying for some reason.
At twenty-four, maybe I’m finally ready to move forward from the one woman that broke me. The woman who repeatedly deceived me while I loved her when I was eighteen.
I can’t say what’s happened exactly, only what initiated this unwanted feeling a couple of months ago: Mary Montesi.

Author: Soraya Naomi

International Best-selling Romance Author

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