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Although part of the Chicago Syndicate world, For Cam is a standalone and can be enjoyed either with or without reading the rest of the series.

He may be cocky and charismatic, but Mafia man Adriano Montesi is also madly in love with Camilla Guillermo.

Adriano’s a man on a mission, yet Cam’s magnetic pull toward him doesn’t waver while he’s busy building a new empire. Although, as their connection deepens, it does bring conflicting emotions to the surface. Emotions that seep into Adriano’s psyche while he works to become one of the most powerful men in Chicago.

Camilla’s life has been turned upside down ever since she joined the Chicago Syndicate and was reunited with Adriano. Finally, she has a family that she can depend on and the one man she’s always wanted but who she could never claim.

But love within the Mafia is more than complicated; it’s explosive.

And now that Adriano and Cam are both members of the Chicago Syndicate, not only has everything changed, but their new roles are accompanied with new rules, new players, and new deadly enemies that must be dealt with while they’re still cleaning up the dirt of their past.

It was fast paced, extremely emotional, and unputdownable…But the power to be so drawn in that you stay up until the wee hours of the morning just to find out what happened, and then stare at the ceiling because you just can’t believe it, and you need more… that’s an unputdownable book! It’s superfly and wonderful. I’ve been so drawn into the Chicago Syndicate and can’t wait for Logan’s book. Oh, the web we weave and how that web includes work, life and our hearts. Often I wonder what will happen when those with hard hearts have them unlocked. After reading about Luca and Adriano, I’ve come to believe that there is hope for those with hard hearts. Love will change them in the best way!”–Give Me Books.

Author: Soraya Naomi

Soraya Naomi is the author of the Chicago Syndicate mafia series. She writes provocative novels with a sinfully seductive blend of romance, suspense & men who love hard and at all costs. The Chicago Syndicate series - #1 Amazon Organized Crime series - has been translated into several languages. Soraya has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Arts & Culture from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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