Cover Re-reveal

NEW LOOK! BLACK HAT HACKER has a brand new look and is available to binge read on Amazon now!

Although part of the Chicago Syndicate world, Black Hat Hacker is a complete standalone and can be enjoyed either with or without reading the rest of the series.

You don’t know me.

But that’s only because I don’t want you to.

I have the most lucrative job in the country as a hacker in the notorious underworld. I’ve built entire systems and destroyed evidence for career advancement while stealing and exploiting data for personal gain.

I’m the black hat hacker for the Chicago Syndicate and hold all the dirty secrets of the most powerful men in the U.S. in the palm of my hands, just a keystroke away from mass ruination.

However, no one knows my dirty secret, a decision from my past that’s just aching to blow up in my face and shatter my future. Especially when a certain wavy haired brunette begins to demand my attention with her odd ways and her carefree attitude.

She’s a woman who makes me go against everything I’ve ever believed.

A woman whom I’m forbidden from having my usual one-night stand with, even if she was available.

A woman whom I have to keep from getting herself killed, whether she likes it or not.

You don’t know me, but neither does she…yet.

I haven’t read any books by Soraya Naomi before, so this was a real surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, even though I had never read any of the previous Chicago Syndicate stories. Ms Naomi wrote this book in such a way that it can be easily read as a standalone. Her descriptions and details allow for a new reader to follow what has previously occurred and get stuck into the current story. To me, that’s a sign of good writing, as you are not “forced” to read the earlier books in the series. Not only was the story a romance, but there were many twists and turns throughout that kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. I love the plotline, it drew me in and continued to hold me with all the intricate details that were constantly added. I will definitely be looking up and reading the previous five books in this series. Soraya Naomi has won another fan here. ~ Reading Is Our Satisfaction Blog – 5 stars.

Author: Soraya Naomi

Soraya Naomi is the author of the Chicago Syndicate mafia series. She writes provocative novels with a sinfully seductive blend of romance, suspense & men who love hard and at all costs. The Chicago Syndicate series - #1 Amazon Organized Crime series - has been translated into several languages. Soraya has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Arts & Culture from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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