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Duet For Adriano (Chicago Syndicate, 3) and For Cam  (Chicago Syndicate, 4) have a Kindle Countdown Deal July 4-11! Read the forbidden love story now!

*Can be read as standalones

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FREE with KindleUnlimited ::: “As with the other books in this series, Soraya Naomi writes a story with the perfect blend of action, suspense, angst, and romance.This author is so talented at throwing twists and turns that keep the reader guessing.” –Just Let Me Read.

For Luca is 99 cents

For Luca is 99 cents for a limited time or FREE with KindleUnlimited.

The epilogue was my favorite thing about it, it was perfection. Soraya Naomi has built a book with realistic characters and a plot with lots of twists and turns, always keeping you guessing where the story is going to go. I’m looking forward to seeing where she takes us in book three, For Adriano.” –Smokin Hot Book Blog.

For the Love of Luca is LIVE!

A standalone in series. Although part of the Chicago Syndicate world, For the Love of Luca is a standalone and can be enjoyed either with or without reading the rest of the series.

AMAZON (Free with Kindle Unlimited)


I’m a man who has it all: power, love, and wealth.
I’m a man who always needs to be in control.
I’m a husband.
I’m a murderer.
I’m the underboss of the Chicagoan mafia.
I keep the world that Fallon and I have created in our home safe, and I’d sacrifice anything or anyone to protect the woman I love and my high ranking position without an ounce of remorse.
Until my worst nightmare comes true and I lose control over my home and myself, posing a challenge neither Fallon nor I ever anticipated.
And I fear that being a good husband and being a good Mafioso might get one of us killed.

A standalone novel from the Chicago Syndicate world.

A contemporary romantic suspense. A mafia romance novel.
#1 Organized Crime 2014/2015.